The Fragrance

His "special" place bewitched me! Filled out with tones of unfinished pieces, lots of hanging magical instruments and that mesmerizing fragrance. And most of all the sound of tuning strings. Those days are gone, his hands are not as strong and rough anymore. But the memories the vivid memories are living in me and make me think of how dad is doing now. Is his studio still so magical? How does his new musical instruments sound? Does he still smell like wood? 

Daily paintings

One thing that keeps an artist alive is producing art. I'm not sure who said this but it's well said " not creating art is an emotional suicide for an artist. So, get off the couch and create". Having a full time job, taking care of a baby and teaching, took so much of my energy and didn't let me paint as much as I needed. One of my co-workers and I decided to start getting in to a daily painting habit. Regardless of the result, paint every night. Since September 2015 I started painting daily portraits as it's the easiest subject for me. There were some nights that I was exhausted or would get frustrated because I painted a crappy piece. But the only thing that would keep me doing it was my next day's piece.